Monday, February 22, 2016

Ep 4 Escape from Mos Shuuta part 3

The Kessel 7 are not making any new friends on Tantooine. the Unknown Mandolorian turned out to be Verrol Cadera the man Orso Kem had on the inside that helped the group to escape from Kessel. Apparently Bartenders are not fans of Cantina Fights.. The group finds a promising lead that a “Krayt Fang” a freighter for one of Teemo’s Slavers is in for repairs. They next negotiate with The Junk Shop Owner and swindle the Hyper matter reactor igniter, crucial part needed for the repairs of the “Krayt Fang”

Finally, the last obstacle that was in their way was to unlock the “Kryat Fang” from the landing bay. They get the Jump on the overseer and her sentry droids but only to learn that the former warden of their Labor Camp Zandra Corvis have tracked the group to Mos Shuuta. With her she has brought several Platoons of Storm Troopers.  Will they be able to reach the Kryat Fang in time before they fall 

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